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Timisoara & Romania Youth Entrepreneurship

22 participants took part in the event held to review the self-assessment exercise of which 6 were from other regions. The panel was made of: 2 local public authorities, 3 from RDAs, 3 from universities,6 women entrepreneurs, 2 youth entrepreneurs, 1 entrepreneur coaching young ones, 2 Business angels, 1 bank, 1 accelerator, 1 TTO representative. The discussion led to identify small and easy to implement measures to support locally would-be entrepreneur and newly created businesses, such as: -launching an awareness campaign by publishing articles in various media, including social media, to present youth and women successful entrepreneurs. This can be done by the Chamber of Commerce and the RDA. -organising an annual award event to reward several type of entrepreneurs, -increasing the possibility to have more physical networking opportunities. This should be organised in a way that young entrepreneurs can meet with experience entrepreneurs.
Assessment name: Supporting youth in entrepreneurship in Romania