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This exercise was organised in the context of the OECD webinar Using the OECD-EU Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool to strengthen youth entrepreneurship support. the webinar gathered policymakers from the OECD and beyond to test out the Tool by reflecting in their respective policy environments for youth entrepreneurship. participants filled out the skills module of the Tool. the average rating was 5.2/10. respondents from research institutions gave an overall higher score than other respondants, whle participants rom national governments tended to be more critical on the current offerings for youth entrepreneurship skills support. Contact to learn more about this exercise or the Tool.

Supporting youth in entrepreneurship
Location: International event,

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Supporting youth in entrepreneurship
Location: Vienna, Austria

This group is a demo group created for the purpose of demonstration. the OECD regularly organises training webinars were users can learn more about using the Tool and its functionalities. If you are interested in joining a forthcoming webinar or would like to know more about using the Tool for policymakers and other stakeholders, email or .

Supporting women in entrepreneurship
Location: test city, France